Top e-rickshaw manufacturers in Noida

2024-02-05 06:56:46 | Admin


E-rickshaws, or electric rickshaws, have gained popularity as an eco-friendly and cost-effective mode of transportation. They are battery-operated vehicles designed for short-distance travel.


The demand for e-rickshaws has been on the rise due to increasing awareness of environmental issues, government incentives, and the need for sustainable urban transport solutions.


  1. Environmentally Friendly: E-rickshaws produce zero emissions, reducing air pollution.
  2. Cost-Effective: Operating costs are lower compared to traditional fuel-powered vehicles.
  3. Noise Reduction: They are quieter than traditional rickshaws, contributing to reduced noise pollution.
  4. Government Incentives: Many governments offer incentives to promote the adoption of electric vehicles.
  6. Best e- rickshaw in noida
  1. Gayatri Electric Vehicles: They offer a range of electric rickshaws, including the Dabang Pro 1000 SS, which is known for its good performance, safety features, and low maintenance. Gayatri Electric Vehicles is located in Sector 63, Noida1.

  2. PremGiri E-Rickshaw and E-Goods Private Limited: This company manufactures electric rickshaws and e-goods. Their offerings include the Lohia Humsafar IAQ, which has a mileage of 110 km per charge2.

  3. Bestway Agency Private Limited: Located in Greater Noida, they specialize in electric rickshaws. While specific models are not mentioned, it’s worth exploring their offerings3.

  4. Shikara E-Rikshaw: Although based in Delhi, Shikara E-Rikshaw produces battery-operated rickshaws known for stable performance, low power consumption, and zero noise operation. Their vehicles are suitable for eco-friendly transportation4.


E-rickshaws play a vital role in sustainable urban transportation, offering benefits such as reduced pollution, lower operating costs, and government support. When choosing the best e-rickshaw, it's essential to consider factors like battery life, load capacity, and after-sales service.


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