Some area which holds one pincode.

An area franchise holder should be any professionals.

He must have knowledge about computer, internet, mobile applications and ongoing social media platforms.

He must have efficient business relations in the district. Being socially active adds on to the overall personna of a business holder.

He must be good enough to handle computer and mobile based payment applications.

Key responsibilities:

The most important role of a Area franchise is to contact all the businesses/ professionals in its respective area of operations.

A area franchise is add as many mini franchise under it as possible.

It will have to pay regular visits to enroll the client and shall require 4G phone and laptop to showcase the product.

It will actually educate more and more people about the product to the local people to get as many enrollments as possible.

It will share daily updates with master franchise and shall meet it atleast once in a month.

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Since, a Area franchise is working on ground, it will get an amount of Rs.75 on every subscription .

It could refer any master/ area/ mini franchise from all over India.