The franchise holder shall be local and should reside in the same district while he claims to own the franchise.

He must have knowledge about computer, internet, mobile applications and ongoing social media platforms.

He must have efficient business relations in the district. Being socially active adds on to the overall personna of a business holder.

He must be good enough to handle computer and mobile based payment applications.

We don't allow students to hold master franchise. An age group of 30-50 years is considered to be the most apt for this kind of association.

In a district only one master franchise is possible

Bizz Lane

Key responsibilities:

The foremost responsibility of a master frachise holder shall be the regular canopy display in order to enroll workers/ migrants for free. They should give daily updates to us about the progress in terms of enrollments as well as sale of area franchise and mini franchise to the worthy buyers.

A master franchise is add as many area franchise and mini franchise under it as possible.

it would regularly provide guidance and training to area franchise and mini franchise holders and help them in attaining more clients.

Knowledge dissemination shall be very quick so as to keep the area franchise and mini franchise updated in terms of the new policies and procedures.

It would take calls from customers in case of imparting information to them, if area franchise and mini franchise fails at any point in doing the same.

It will hire useful and well informed staff to facilitate services for customer satisfaction.

It could be asked to install an office space post the pandemic

It will take care of the credit transfers to area franchise and mini franchise at every step.


A master franchise would hold a share of Rs.50 on every subscription of entire district.

It could refer any master/ area/ mini franchise from all over India.