Top Salons in Delhi

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About Salons: Salons are establishments that offer beauty and grooming services, including haircuts, styling, coloring, skincare, manicures, pedicures, and other  ornamental treatments. They  give a wide range of services aimed at enhancing one's appearance and boosting confidence. 

 History of Salons  Salons have a rich history dating back centuries. The conception of salons  began in France during the 17th and 18th centuries, where they served as intellectual and social  capitals for gatherings of artists,  pens, proponents, and other influential  numbers. Over time, salons evolved into places primarily  concentrated on beauty and grooming services. 

Trends  Salons continually  acclimatize to changing trends in fashion, beauty, and technology. Some recent trends includeeco-friendly and sustainable practices,  substantiated services  acclimatized to individual preferences, and the integration of technology for enhanced  client  gests . 

Benefits of Visiting a Salon:

  • Professional expertise: Salons employ trained professionals who have expertise in various beauty treatments.
  • Relaxation and pampering: Visiting a salon can be a rejuvenating experience, offering relaxation and pampering.
  • Quality products: Salons often use high-quality products that may not be readily available for home use.
  • Customized services: Salons can provide personalized recommendations and treatments based on individual needs and preferences.

Top 10 Salons in Delhi:

  1. Geetanjali Salon:

    Geetanjali Salon, founded in 1989 by Mr. Prem Israni and Mrs. Neetu Israni, has become a household name in Delhi. With 36 salons across Delhi/NCR, they offer a wide range of hair, beauty, and bridal services. Their professionally trained staff ensures quality and innovation. You can find them in locations like Rajouri Garden, Janakpuri, and Khan Market1
  2. Affinity Salon:
    • Affinity Salon is a unisex salon known for cutting-edge treatments and styles. Their stylists, trained in reputed institutions, work their magic in chic surroundings. You can visit their outlets in Green Park, Defence Colony, and Khan Market
    • Looks Salon:
      • With over 162 branches nationally and internationally, Looks Salon caters to both men and women. They provide premium beauty treatments, helping clients look their best every day. You can find them in Janakpuri, Unity One Mall, and other locations3
      • Warren Tricomi Salon:
      • Warren Tricomi offers high-quality hair and beauty services. While they have a global presence, their Delhi salon is a go-to choice for many4

      • Jean-Claude Biguine Salon:

        • Known for its international standards, Jean-Claude Biguine Salon provides a luxurious experience. Their expertise extends to hair, skin, and makeup services4
        • Monsoon Salon & Spa:  Monsoon Salon aims to revolutionize hairdressing for the next generation. Their artistic and passionate stylists create magic. Becoming a member offers up to 50% off on services. You can find them in Dwarka, Rajouri Garden, and other locations
  3. VLCC Salon: VLCC, a well-known brand, offers comprehensive beauty and wellness services. Their Delhi salons provide a range of treatments4
    • Toni & Guy:

      • Toni & Guy is synonymous with cutting-edge hairstyling. Their GK-2 branch in Delhi is a hub for trendy looks5
      • Enrich Salon:

        • Enrich Salon provides personalized services for hair, skin, and nails. Their skilled professionals ensure a delightful experience4
        • Lakmé Salon:  Lakmé Salon, associated with the iconic beauty brand, offers a blend of style and expertise. Their Khan Market outlet is a popular choice4


Salons play a vital role in enhancing personal grooming and self-confidence. With a wide range of services and professional expertise, they offer individuals the opportunity to look and feel their best. Whether it's a quick touch-up or a full makeover, salons in Delhi cater to diverse preferences and needs.


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