Best Gym and Sports service providers in Pune

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Are you looking for the best gym and sports service providers in Pune? Look no further! In this article, we will explore some of the top-rated establishments that offer excellent fitness and sports facilities in Pune. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or seeking professional sports training, these service providers have got you covered.

Gym and Sports Services in Pune

Pune Fitness Center

Pune Fitness Center is among the leading gym and sports service providers in the city. With state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled trainers, they offer a wide range of fitness programs tailored to meet individual goals. From weight training and cardio exercises to group fitness classes, Pune Fitness Center has something to offer for everyone.

Sweat and Shine Gym

If you're looking for a gym that combines fitness with a touch of luxury, Sweat and Shine Gym is the perfect choice for you. With its modern facilities and personalized training programs, Sweat and Shine Gym has gained a reputation for delivering exceptional fitness experiences. Their qualified trainers ensure that each workout session is effective and enjoyable.

Sports Arena Pune

For those interested in sports rather than traditional gym workouts, Sports Arena Pune is the place to be. This premier sports facility offers a wide range of sports activities such as cricket, football, basketball, and badminton. With well-maintained courts and experienced coaches, Sports Arena Pune provides an ideal environment for individuals to hone their sports skills.


FitZone is a popular fitness center in Pune known for its comprehensive and innovative exercise programs. Their experienced team of trainers focuses on helping clients achieve their fitness goals in a supportive and encouraging environment. With programs for weight loss, muscle gain, and overall fitness, FitZone ensures that each individual's needs are met effectively.

Top 10 Gym and Sports service providers in Pune


Fantastic trainer who has knowledge of most of the fitness types. Also very regular, even on special occasions sessions happen for sure. He takes care of your improvement areas and makes you stronger.

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I'm very glad to join gym and Aasim Sir As Personal Trainer With Good Knowledge . I Have Been Taking Tranning From Aasim Sir Since 6 Months And I Have Good Experience With Him And Seen a Good Changes In My Physic. Gym Atmosphere Is Also Good .

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3.Metrocity Sports and Health Club Rambagh

Vishwashanti Marg, Rambaug Colony, Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra 411038

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