Top designs chosen by architects in Lucknow

2022-11-02 02:52:35 | Admin

It is the season of evolution! Every nook and corner of the houses has adopted a new subtle touch these
days! With the advent of social media apps, reel trends and Instafit looks, everyone is focussing on
house interiors a bit more. Here's what the architects in Lucknow have to quote about the ongoing
trends! "People have become more self aware and wish to align their inner energies with the outer
environment, hence we have to keep every bit of it in mind before setting out on the journey to plan and
execute a project of architecture in Lucknow!", as quoted by one of the popular architects in Lucknow.
We have summed up some special five categories while analysing the ongoing trends in expectations
from architects and their designs in Lucknow:
Bringing the nature inside
“Timber” clad interiors, natural earthy tones and full length windows have been topping the list these
days! This trend has made it easier for the generation to connect with the spiritual world by inducing
some natural elements in the living space.
Smart homes
An advent of smart TVs and Alexa, other AI home friendly technologies, smart homes have become a
new trend in current architectural wave. Built in camera doorbells, smart thermostats, robotic machinery
for daily chores, everything is included in the package.
Green buildings
Sustainability has been an ever rising thing since the inception of climate change crisis.There have been
new ways like energy efficient and low consuming buildings in architecture , which are implementing
water recycling systems and improved usage of natural lighting. Architecture has faced some immense
makeovers, this being one of the best ones!
Minimal designs
It is the main trend these days, minimalism! Designs have introduced minimal structures of
representation of the daily household corners. Steels have been popularly used by all architects these
Like any other metro city, Lucknow is also trending in terms of architecture and related updates. We have
come across the ones which have won hearts among the people. Lucknow has also noted a steep rise in
general architectural trends these days, with people being more inclined towards their self awareness
and self care. They’ve also realised the importance of paying attention to the environment’s overall well
being in which they breathe and how it drastically affects their physical, mental and emotional set of
Lucknow, the city of Nawabs, is full of traditional architecture. If we go to areas like Chowk and more of
old Lucknow, we can witness closely clad buildings with very less breathing space between them. The
hard stone and brick buildings are very popular in that area with high ceilings and multiple floors.
However, on the other hand, if we look at the newly developing area near Shahid Path and Golf city, we
can have a look at modern and classy architecture. Lucknow is a place which serves as a contrast to
both, traditional and modern ways of living. Hence, we are so fond of this city!